Alberta Automobile Insurance Endorsments

Understand the endorsements available. This list shows only some of the available Endorsement Forms available in Alberta.


This Endorsement grants permission to rent or lease the automobile for a period of not less then 6 months.

sef 6A

Provides permission ot carry fellow employees, or neighbors for compensation to and from work.

sef 13d

Limits the perils that glass would be covered on your vehicle. A premium credit may be applied with this endorsement.

sef 13h

Deletion of Hail Coverage, is used ot exclude any coverage for hail until proof of repair of existing hail is provided.

SEF 19

Limitation of Amount limits the amount payable to an amount specified in the endorsement or the actual cash value which ever is the lesser.

sef 19a

Agreed Value amounts provides an amount specified on the endorsement that will be payable.

sef 20

Loss of Use prvides reimbursement for rental of a substitute vehicle when your vehicle becomes inoperable due to an insured peril.

sef 27

Legal Liabiity for Physical damage to a Non-Owned Automobile rented or borrowed for 30 days or less.

sef 32

Permitting offroad operations by an unlicensed person and by those under 16 with respect ot recreational vehicles only.

SEF 35

An amount of money provided to cover towing and emergency service costs as a result of disablement of an automobile.

SEF 37

Limitation of sound and electronic communication equipment that is not factory installed to a set amount.

SEF 38

Increased limit for sound and electron communication equipment.

sef 40

Fire and Theft Deductible; This is used ot apply a deductible to Fire and Total Theft Losses where a deductible does not normally apply.

sef 43r/l

Limited Waiver of Depreciation endorsement waives depreciation on a new vehicle for a specified time period. Usually about 24 - 30 months.

sef 44

Family Protection provides benefits to the Insured and family who claim for injury or death to another motorist who has insuffieciet insurance.

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