Commercial Vehicle Insurance

From 1 vehicle to 100

Your business needs to keep on moving forward so you need to make sure you have the right protection. If you have only one vehicle or an entire fleet we can assess the risk and provide protection needed. Payment plans are also available for any premium or class of business.

An Insurnace Broker can make the difference.
Businesses are very diverse just like your Commercial Auto needs as well as the types of vehicles you drive and the cargo or attached equipment you opporate. Many Insurance Companies will write only a few types of Commercial Automobile risks. Since we write for many of Canada's leading insurers, we can find the best coverage at the right price for you. Some of the available classes of Commercial Auto are as follows;
  1. Business Use Cars
  2. Farm Vehicles
  3. Contractors
  4. Retail & Whlesale Delivery
  5. Gravel & Dump Trucks
  6. Courier Services
  7. Contractors
  8. Buses
  1. Food Trucks
  2. Transport Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  3. Transport Livestock
  4. Oil Transport and Vehicles
  5. Refrigerated Trucks
  6. Tow Truck Operations
  7. USA and Canada Wide Trucking
  8. Commercial Fleets and Fleet Ratings

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