Condominium Owners Insurance

Insurance Coverage

As a condominium owner, you are responsible for your unit and a share in the common areas of the complex. Each owner can be held personally liable if things go wrong and the condominium has not arranged adequite limits for insurance. A condominium insurance policy is a low-cost way to remove some of the financial worries of condominium ownership.

Personal Contents
limits should reflect the cost to replace everything you own. Some items of high value you may want to schedule on special floaters. Owner's improvements coverage is important as you will need to insure upgraded flooring, built-in cabinets or sound systems etc. It is always a good idea to keep records of your personal contents either by taking photos, videos, as well as keeping records of receipts in a secure location away from your condo incase of a loss.

Loss Assessment Coverage
is an important feature of policy because you share responsibility with others for common property. This coverage helps protect you financially when; There is a direct loss that affects a shared part of the buildings and the claim exceeds the limits of the condominium corporation’s coverage.  There is legal liability arising out of shared ownership of the common areas of the condomium premises.

Additional Floaters You Need To Know About


Keep records of your contents with receipts, photos, video and lists. Keep these records in a secure location away from your home. Updated it regularily.

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