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Automobile Dealer Insurance

A business engaged in the selling of new and used vehicles. Incedental repair and servicing of vehicles is included. Coverage is also included for Liability while operating a Non-Owned vehilce (ie. Test drives a vehicle prior to buying it). Use of the vehicle can only be for personal use or the use described in the policy (ie Auto Dealer or Repair Garage etc.) The coveage extends to any of the "active partners or employees" as listed on the application with the Insurance company.It also extends to other qualified drivers that would test drive your vehicle prior to purchase. For coverage to be extended to others such as a spouce or family members this would be obtained by adding special endorsemnets (SEF#76) to the policy.

An SPF#4 Garage Auto Dealer policy extends to cover all vehicles owned by the named insured (with some exclusions). The Insured does not need to register the vehicles with Motor Vehicles and uses the dealer plates to transport and operate them. A copy of the bill of sale is important for proof of ownership. There are many factors that effect the premiums on an Auto Dealer polciy such as; number of employees, Number of dealer and other plates, experiance and driving records, personal insurance and coverage/limits carried. Contact our office for more information on your Garage Insurance needs at 403.520.5050. Some of the operations insured under an SPF#4 Garage Auto Policy form are as follows;

Garage Automobile Team

Blaine Palmer
extension: 223
David Palmer
extension: 235
Janice Whatmore
extension: 240
Kevin Palmer
extension: 222

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