We understand the limits on your policy. Floaters can be added to cutomize your insurance protection.

Glass Breakage

may not be covered under your policy or may have a high deductible. Coverage can be added or the deduductible lowered in the event of a loss.


additional coverage available for business computers, laptops and to include coverage for data and media.

Credit Card/Forgery

make sure your policy profides coverage for forgery and couterfeit money.

Identity Fraud

can cover the expenses incured in their effort to restore the accuracy of their identifying information.

Fine Arts

provides coverage on items such as paintings, valuable rugs, tapestries, statuary, antique furniture, rare books, marble, bronzes, manuscripts etc.


Jewellery and watches can be added for specified values and to provide broader coverage. Articles would be scheduled with specific values.

Valuble Collections

Stamps, coins, firearms and other valuble collectiosn can be insured for specific values to protect you.



Sport Equipment

Add coverage for sports equipment and clothing anywhere in the world. Skis, Golf and other equipment.


Coverage can be added if you do construcion and modifications to your home. Or if you undergo the construction of a new home.


Coverage for your boat and boat trailer can be added as well as boat liability for those that may drive the boat.


camper trailers and holiday trailers can be added to provide the coverage needed.

sewer backup

escape of water from a sewer, septic tank, or sump with pump can be covered.



Business Tools

Intended for self employed trades, coverage can be added to provide protection from loss or damage to the tools used in your business.

Home Business

coverage can be extended to cover the business conducted from your home and operated by you. You can cover Loss of Income, Business Property and Liabiltiy etc.


The value of bicycles may exceed the limit on the policy. High valued bikes can be scheduled to acomodate highter values.

Horse Coverage

Coverage can be extended to give Broad "Named Perils" coverage for horses.

Motorized Vehicles

garden tractors, motorized wheelchairs, golf carts, segways and other non road use vehicles can be covered.

Travel Medical

Travel Insurance can protect you from the financial disasters an unexpected illness or accident may cause when travelling.

Other Products

  • Building Bylaws Coverage
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Seasonal Home Locations
  • Rental Properties
  • Rental Income

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