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Insuring Your Home

Like many homeowners, you may never need to submit an insurance claim. But no one is immune from misfortune! It's good to know that the premiums of many are available to pay for the insured losses of a few. Home insurance reimburses you for your financial loss arising from mishaps that are generally "sudden and accidental" and hard to predict and prevent. Coverage may vary from one insurer to another, it is important to review and understand your coverage. We will recommend and help you customize a policy to meet your needs at the best price. Call us at 403.520.5050

It Pays to Compare
Not all policies are created equal, nor are they priced the same. When buying a new policy or renewing a current one, give us a call and we can obtain quotations from a variety of insurance companies. We write for Canada's leading insurer's. Call us at 403.230.3000. Other coverages and floaters to consider are as follows;

Additional Floaters You Need To Know About


Keep records of your contents with receipts, photos, video and lists. Keep these records in a secure location away from your home. Updated it regularily.

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Corporate Registry

services available for land titles and personal property etc.