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Personal Property,

a Landlord has relatively few legal obligations to compensate tenants for damage or loss of your personal possessions. However, as a Tenants you are responsible for harm you may cause to any part of the building, or to others who live or visit there. A water damage claim or even a fire ignited by a tenant's defective toaster could gut the entire building of which you may be responsible for. We can recomend a variety of insurance policies that remove much of this worry. Call us at 403.230.3000

In the event of a loss
a tenant is responsible to repair or replace their own personal belongings. It is important to have adequate coverage, a good tip is to estimate how much it would cost to replace your current contents. Some items of higher value, for example jewelery you may want to schedule sepertly on your policy.

Tenant’s improvements coverage is important because policies generally have standard limits that are sometimes not high enough to cover all improvements that you may have made to your rented dwelling. Such improvements could include flooring, built in cabinets or sound systems. For these you may need addition coverage.

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Keep records of your contents with receipts, photos, video and lists. Keep these records in a secure location away from your home. Updated it regularily.

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